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our operations services

At resource hub, one of our key focus areas is improvement of operational efficiencies by bringing together people and process.  Whether supporting existing resource recovery facilities or working with partners to develop new opportunities that harnass best practice, we are experts in helping our clients make the most of what they do.

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process improvement

  • gatehouse process review and recommendation

  • tip shop operations advice and workshop facilitation

  • process & kpi development 

  • disaster planning & response

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change management

  • guidance of delivery approaches

  • training to change

  • the "non-strategic" requirements, ensuring that change suits human and operational environment

  • project management

  • stakeholder engagement

  • messaging and communications

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industry advisory

  • best practice guidance

  • representation to industry bodies and stakeholders 

  •  workshop facilitation

  • event speakers

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facility design

  • concept redesign for existing facilities

  • liaison with technology providers and engineers 

  • added focus on transactaional best practice, customer experience, staffing vs automation need

  • facilitation of design outcomes before engineering

  • traditional facility or social enterprise operated

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  • facility financial audit including internal and external revenue/cost assessment

  • waste levy audit

  • transactional system data audit

  • business process audit

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  • process recommendation

  • regulatory risk assessment

  • waste data advisory and training

  • regulator/epa audit support

  • regular outsourced "internal" audit services