Our goal is to bring together experienced and passionate waste industry professionals to give them an opportunity to deliver best practice to the areas of waste and waste-conscious business that are often overlooked. We will do this any way we can! 


We are a remote team with members operating from across Australia with a Brisbane and Queensland focus.


Our backgrounds are in commercial waste, local government, corporate finance and governance, business administration, waste education and behaviour change.


We pride ourselves on embracing any opportunity to work with the best; be it occasional expert collaborators, flexible part-time parents or full-time waste and waste industry fanatics.



Lacey Webb has 15 years' experience in Waste & Resource Recovery and as a CPA and industry CFO, is dedicated to leading our company values and delivering targeted solutions to our clients and to the clients of the consultancy firms that we service across Australia.


Furthermore, Lacey is one of Australia's foremost authorities on waste levy regulation across Qld, NSW, Vic and WA, and is a leader in defining and implementing data and process standards across the industry.

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Waste Less Specialist

Grace Mullins is a dynamic resource recovery professional with diverse experience across the waste and built environment sectors.


Having worked in Local Government and commercial advisory both in Australia and the UK, she brings a fresh approach to problem solving by combining strategic waste advice, waste education and front of house facility experience with an environmental engineering background.

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Finance & Data Specialist

Jess Aitken is an award-winning (WRIQ Waste Administrator of the Year) Waste Management and Finance professional with 11 years in commercial resource recovery and concrete recycling, within both operations and corporate office roles.

Additionally, Jess' broad-ranging skills in this industry include system training and data analysis, with experience as an implementation consultant and trainer with Australia's leading waste management technology firm.

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Admin Guru

Eliza has been organising people and streamlining processes in a broad spectrum of business for over 15 years, managing offices within non-profits, retail, large commercial organisations as well as her own small business.

Bringing a depth of experience, effective solutions, and efficiency in administrative management, communications and systems automation, Eliza wrangles the RH team by being organised, pragmatic, solving problems and finding/creating efficiencies.

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