• Lacey Webb

Thank you for supporting us through our first year - it's been quite the ride!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Resource Hub was founded one year ago as of this month, and it’s been a year full of both great wins and challenging times. Resource Hub was started as we saw a need to support industry businesses when it came to adopting best practice and implementing tangible processes that would work in the ‘real world’ – an area that had been greatly overlooked in the past.

We could see a market need in three different areas which is where we’ve developed our services. Our Operations and Compliance services focus on working with clients who are waste operators or big waste generators, to help them improve their processes, enhance their performance, and adhere to regulatory compliance. Through our Waste Less services we focus on education and behaviour change, as well as supporting waste conscious brands in their ambition to become ‘greener’ by helping them reduce their waste, and communicate this efficiently.

Waste Management Consultancy Operations
Waste Management Consultancy Compliance
Waste Management Consultancy Waste Less

Today, we’re a one year old business, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved so far. We have gone from a one-woman band to a small consultancy that employs 4 waste and recycling passionate specialists. Our first recruit, Jess, is a 10 year waste industry veteran with experience in technology, finance and on-the-ground operations. Our second recruit was Eliza, whose sole focus was to organise our Director, Lacey Webb, to ensure she could be as invested in her Resource Hub work, whilst at the same time continuing her work with waste technology leaders Mandalay Technologies. Our third recruit also added another angle to what we do as a business - Grace was recruited as our ‘Waste Less’ specialist and looks after that crucial part of our business. We also collaborate with specialists to apply different skills to the industry where required.

We have had great success working with councils, small businesses, social enterprises and industry leading commercial organisations in the waste sectors to help them focus on the business of waste. We’ve worked with the world’s largest zero waste bulk food chain to help target “hidden” waste, and hosted our first workshops to educate Australians about recycling. Thank you to all our amazing clients, for trusting us with your business, and we look forward to continuing to support your waste ambitions in the future.

But of course, we have experienced challenges in our first year as well. Resourcing and financial sustainability with the advent of COVID-19 was a huge challenge. In March, the world stopped. Work dried up, focus was shifted to the changing world around us, and for us building the business became less of a priority as opposed to keeping our team employed. Job Seeker was definitely a helping factor, and we decided to focus the quiet time to build our governance and processes, as well as to define our offering and test the market, so that we could be a more responsive business during busy times.

We made it through, and now our focus is on the future. Our goals are to bring the realities of processes and best practice to organisations who have strategic goals that needs realising. We want to continue educating others about the how’s and why’s of waste and resource recovery – with a large focus on behaviour and process change.

Waste Management specialists

Thank you for a fantastic year to everyone who have stood by our side and cheered us on - both during the exciting and the difficult times. Thank you to our small team of incredible waste and recycling passionate humans – we wouldn’t be who we are without you. And finally, thank you to the most amazing clients (we may be biased) who have trusted us to help them with their waste ambitions. We look forward to continuing working with you all in the years to come.

The Resource Hub Team