• Lacey Webb

EOFY & Waste Levy Challenges

As we near the end of the financial year, a common topic of conversation in the industry is the change in levy rates across the country. The timing of these changes impact Councils, commercial operators and the community alike and many decisions are made with waste disposal costs as a contributing factor. 

In Queensland, an additional challenge hinges on the rate of levy applicable from 1 July, and the approved volumes, relevant to the receipt of an Advanced Payment for Municipal Waste expected to be sent to landfill in FY2021. With the impacts of COVID-19 being felt in the state, there is now some uncertainty with regard to the volumes and rates to be received by Councils for this advance.

As legislation requires that a Queensland LGA must disclose information relating to the levy on their rates notices, a particular issue has arisen. In discussion with several councils, it has been noted that guidance with regard to levy rates and advance payment from the state is expected at the end of June. However, this poses a challenge in regard to timing of rates notice distribution. Should councils ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements, delay distribution of rates and fail to issue notices to their residents in a timely manner; or should they issue notices on schedule but potentially breach regulatory obligation? 

Just another of the many challenges in our new COVID-19 world.

What other regulatory challenges have you come across in the waste space as we near 30 June?