• Lacey Webb

The Lord Mayors Business Awards - what being nominated meant to us

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It’s the end of another year – the end of our first FULL year in business – and what a year for Resource Hub!

Covid provided some challenges, as it did for everyone, and we keenly felt the impact of being a brand new business with other brand affiliations that impacted the industry’s perception of who we are and what we do in a time when budgets disappeared for unknown newcomers. However what an amazing opportunity to force our business to focus on the important behind-the-scenes processes. Given that we’re an organisation who specialise in helping others to improve process, it seemed pretty fortuitous that during quieter times in the end of FY 2020, government funding helped us to keep the team employed and engaged in strengthening our own business.

We also had some incredible new clients to work with and some great new people to collaborate with and even just spitball ideas with! Thanks to Tamworth Regional Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Bayside Outdoor Timber Solutions, Takin Trash, Karma Collab Hub and Brisbane Tool Library to name just a few!

I think the biggest moment of the year was our nomination as a finalist in the Brisbane Lord Mayors Awards. We are a fully remote team and struggled to meet the eligibility of some of the great grant opportunities that were available to small businesses this year because of our lack of a fixed office. Despite having fixed desk spaces in South East Queensland, North Queensland and Victoria, our address (or lack thereof) became a real sticking point. But not for Brisbane! While we may not have taken out the gong, it was humbling to be nominated as one of the four finalists in the Micro Busines category, with our small, at the time all-female, team! And it became even more of an achievement as we worked our way around the room at the awards night chatting to businesses and realising that at only 14months in business, we were well and truly the babies in the bunch. Many of the other organisations celebrated had been in place for over three years and some into 20+ years.

So we’re claiming our own win: we’re claiming the win of being celebrated in our infancy; we’re claiming the win of starting our second year with a slightly larger team with a wealth of new knowledge; and we’re claiming the win of being proud of the work that we have delivered and excited to keep helping other businesses!

We are the waste consultancy who don’t deliver waste strategies. But we sure as heck deliver great process!!