• Grace Mullins

Let's Unpack Recycling - ebook gift below!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Have you ever stood in front of a landfill waste bin and a yellow mixed recycling bin and had to seriously ponder which one to choose? Then did you end up just taking a good guess anyway?

I want you to know that you are not alone. Even the most waste conscious of us have been perplexed about what the recycling industry wants us to put in that yellow mixed recycling bin.

The Resource Hub team have gathered knowledge collectively from over two decades of work in the waste and recycling industries and are committed to sharing our insights to clear some of your bin confusion and enable you to recycle with confidence. That is after we've reminded you (and ourselves) to REDUCE and REUSE and always BUY RECYCLED first!

Talking rubbish is what we do best.

We run workshops to help people understand basic (and more in-depth) recycling practices and get a kick out of educating people about how to be more waste conscious. If you would like Resource Hub to Unpack Recycling with your audience or team, get in touch with us.

In August 2020, a fantastic bunch of waste conscious, recycling curious humans came together to unpack some of the confusion around recycling systems on the Gold Coast with Grace & Lacey. Brought together by Plastic Free Gold Coast at our favourite GC co-working space (Karma Collab Hub) we explored how recycling systems work, the Australasian Recycling Label and how you can make smart decisions at the bin.

We've created a free ebook gift with plenty of pro tips for smart recyclers. It's right below so click the link to download yours!

Let's Unpack Recycling_ebook
Download PDF • 4.37MB

We've also gathered some bonus answers to some of the trickier questions asked during the workshop. Please see below:

• Approximately 5% of what Gold Coast residents put in the recycling bin are non recyclable items. For more information, have a look at page 31 in the Gold Coast Solid Waste Strategy.

• Guinness cans (with the plastic ball inside) can go in the mixed recycling bin or be dropped off at your local Containers for Change as they have the 10c logo on them.

• Alternative milk cartons with the screw top lids, can be put in the mixed recycling bin with the lid still attached (according to the ARL).

Keep up all of the great work that you’re already doing to Waste Less and let us know if you would like us to Unpack Recycling with your audience or team!